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XYT Maxi Dress Hack

maxi 7

Good evening ladies (and gentlemen!) I'm having a bit of a blah start to my week, since the harddrive on my laptop decided to go bonkers and is now non-functioning. So I've spend a good part of my Saturday evening and into the night trying to copy all files and pictures to my external harddrive and I'm currently on my boyfriends computer until a back-up computer arrives Wednesday (my mum will bring an old laptop, we'll see how that goes). My laptop will be visiting someone who can hopefully bring it back to life. Since this is the beginning of a new school year here in Belgium, it means that I'm a bit freaked out. Yes, I'm freaked out by non-functioning laptops, I'm a control freak like that. In case you did not guessed that yet. I managed to take some good shots of my recently made finished XYT-maxi dress hack (I stole the idea from ClosetCaseFiles) I wanted a dress that looked effortless and felt like pyjamas. Mission accomplished. For once, I wasn't lazy and I even added bra cups per Heather's instructions. I stole them from an old H&M sportsbra since those foam cups are non-existent in Belgium (Since I've found some in the Netherlands on a market, but that's a long ride for some foam cups) I'm overexcited about the fact that on a coming hot day (probably in the year 2015) I can wear a dress without a bra. I think that haven't happened in 12 years. I wasn't sure if I could pull off this type of bra, but I've decided to go for it (You never know untill you try and I feel like it's working. No fast running allowed though!) But, here are some picturesssss Before you check them out: I'm not pregnant, the belly is a food baby from Lieke's birthday bash that afternoon! She makes the best pancakes and I ate all of them :-) maxi 1 Technical details
  • Fabric is a cotton jersey from Pauli. Leuven's best Fabric shop.
  • I used the T-strap variation of the XYT hack and doubled the layers since I needed the support.
  • Sizes: S at bust, XS at waist, M at hips. Extended into an A-line maxi skirt.
  • I lowered the neckline by 2 centimeters, since this isn't a work-out top. I used powermesh for the bra.
maxi 9 maxi 8 I love the back on me and I love that I don't need to wear a strapless sticky bra with it. Build-in bras for the win! maxi 6 maxi 5 maxi 4 maxi 3 Thank you for reading! What's your latest comfy make?