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Stock Treasures: Woman's all-in-one eighties dress

eighties all-in-one dress front details After three editions of men's clothing we return to female stock treasures. And this one is a good one. I'm still uncertain on the answer to the question is this fugly or fabulous? However, if you are afraid you might lose your pocket square or are worried it might not match your top, this all-in-one eighties dress is the perfect solution! This eighties dress belonged to my grandmother, the one with the awesome seventies coat, and I must say that the love at first sight didn't happened with this number as it did with the coat. However. I think every decade has it charms, but if they consider bringing this back in fashion as they did with seventies suede coats, I will seriously consider jumping ship! eighties all-in-one dress front view Don't you love how it looks like a suit? No! It's a dress! eighties all-in-one dress lapped zipperYou think it's a lapped zipper? NO, it's a blind zipper masked as a lapped zipper!eighties all-in-one dress invisible lapped zipper detail You can also see how they attached the facings by machine. eighties all-in-one dress back view eighties all-in-one dress shoulder dart detail eighties all-in-one dress sleevecap deatil eighties all-in-one dress slit detailThis eighties dress features shoulder darts, pleated sleeve heads and a lined kick pleat. Even though it's obviously quite mass-manufactured. I still think there's a lot of attention to detail and very crisp darts and pleats. This is the kind of crisp I also look for in my own sewing. Pressing and attention to detail is key here! What do you think. Is this all-in-one number fabulous or fugly? Let me know!
P.S.: looking for a good tutorial to give your skirts and dresses a back vent? This is an excellent tutorial!