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Who made your clothes? A short note on my process.

Do you know who made your clothes? I do. I'd love to share a bit more about the process behind my brand and how the clothes in my shop are made! After all, in today's world, I feel like it's more and more important to know the answer to the question: "who made your clothes?" Let's start with a current trend piece: a plissé chiffon midi skirt. You might find a lot of variations on this piece in big chain stores, but there are very important differences between a skirt made by me and one you get at H&M or Zara.
This is how it works:
You order a skirt, I hear a cute noise on my phone and I get to work! You have the opportunity to leave your measurements (in this case: waist measurement and hip measurement). I adapt the pattern for the skirt so it will fit you. You don't have to go through 4 racks of clothing and search the mountain of clothes underneath the rack to find your size. After I made sure the pattern is your size, I get to work! When I come up with a new designs, I source and find materials from reliable suppliers. The fabric of this skirt is sourced from Portugal. It comes from another small business. They always deliver great quality fabrics and have the best customer service. The elastic is from a Dutch company, so is the skirt lining. This skirt is made from a lining fabric, a plissé chiffon outer fabric and an elastic waistband. All construction takes place in my studio, in Antwerp. I cut out the fabric, I sew the fabric together, I check for stray threads, I press seams and I do all of it with a lot of love (and probably loud music). After the skirt is made, I pack up your order with love and care. I take it to the post office and hand it over to the mailman. From design to delivery: one person in this business! Happy to help you! PS: you can find the pleated chiffon midi skirt in the shop!