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Stock Treasures: Vintage Seventies Pink Dress

Today's Stock Treasure is a really cute vintage seventies dress with overlay front. It belonged to my BF's mother. She told me that she absolutely hated wearing dresses, since she loved playing in the fields and running around, which, at that time, wasn't allowed in your pretty Sunday clothes. She wore this for her confirmation. Knowing her now, I can imagine what a horror it must have been for her to wear this type of clothing. However, I absolutely love the outfit and let it do the talking from now on! seventies vintage pink dress front view seventies vintage pink dress side viewseventies vintage pink dress back view with lapped zipper and hook closureseventies vintage pink dress sleeve cap and emboidery detailseventies vintage pink dress overlay front button and embroidery detailseventies vintage pink dress embroidered sleeve detailseventies vintage pink dress collar and embroidered neckline detailseventies vintage pink dress back sleeve dart detail and embroidery seventies vintage pink dress back detail lapped zip and hook closure