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Did I already told you I won the giveaway Anneke hosted? Did I already told you I won the GALAXY FABRIC? (Yes, I am jumping up and down!). The best part about winning the giveaway was the fact that Anneke came over to my house and delivered the gorgeous fabric herself. As in IN PERSON. (More jumping up and down here!) We chitchatted away until we discovered that it was 6 o'clock and she had to go. Our conversation started something like this: Is that a Saltspring you are wearing? Yes, it is! I am very thankful for winning the giveaway, since I really love the print! In the same week another treasure came my way. Sometimes I feel so blessed! Let me show you which treasure came my way: schat 3 At first glance, you probably don't get why I am so happy. Let me show you the inside and why I am drooling over this boxes: schat 2Let's have closer look, cause yes! These are two boxes full of seventies sewing magazines! There are both Marion and Knip magazines in these boxes. These are both Dutch sewing magazines. They include patterns, illustrations, pictures, and "smart style advice" What I like the most about the magazines is that I got them from two nieces of my grandmother. They live together and made their clothes for several years. My mother remembers them wearing the same suit to church in the late seventies! The great thing is that there are notes on the patterns and the covers such as "nice collars on page 38" or "beautiful red dress on page 1". She told my mother that somewhere in the boxes there is a magazine with a wedding gown in. She wrote it on the magazine for me to find and maybe get inspired :-) (I love older ladies, they are so straight forward and not subtle at all!) schat I have a couple spreads from the magazines to enjoy: marionGorgeous dress on the left! I like the second one as well, and the one on the right! knipTranslation: Knip knows the secret to a smaller figure. hm. On the right they also give tips for better style, to look smaller. Yes, the ensemble on the right is their great idea. I really like the floral maxi dress though! knip 2I absolutely adore this dress for little girls. (Quote: Sun Dress or Pinafore? This dress serves both occasions) What do you think about old sewing patterns and magazines? Do you like reading them? How do you feel about their style advice? Would you like to see more spreads?