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Tiger heads on a dress. Yes, please!

stretchystuff tijgerviscose maxijurk Here I am with one of my makes! I'm very optimistic about weather forecasting (ahum) and expect it to be Summer soon. I know I need a bunch of warm, sunny days to get warm again! Making summer dresses when the weather is still crappy might even work, since the last couple of days, weather has been gorgeous! Fingers crossed! Since Sew It Up Monthly was all about stretchy stuff in March, I decided on a new Vesper dress. My previous Vesper dress is one of my favorite summer dresses, so another one was very welcome! I've used this supercool tiger head viscose jersey, that has a very fluid drape. stretchystuff tijgerviscose maxijurk 6
I've slightly changed the sizing on this version. I've cut out a size medium for the bust, small for the waist and L for the hips. I love this print and love this fabric, since it's so fluid and lightweight. Add in the tiger heads and I'm obsessed! Can't wait for those 25°C days! Construction was pretty easy. Everything was sewed on my overlock. All seams and hems are done on my new coverstitch machine. The coverstitch was my engagement gift from my awesome fiancé. Much better than an engagement ring, in my opinion! stretchystuff tijgerviscose maxijurk 5 stretchystuff tijgerviscose maxijurk 2
Fabric: tiger heads viscose elastane jersey - Sew It Up Shop Pattern: Vesper Dress - Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chicks
In other news
You can find me blogging over at Seams and Scissors from now on! I'll be writing monthly posts for them with handy sewing tips & tricks. I'm also blogging for BERNINA. If you can read Dutch, my first post is up on the Dutch BERNINA blog!