The where-have-you-been-jacket

I finished this jacket a couple days ago, but since autumn most definetely arrived in Belgium, it was raining, raining and afterwards drizzling some more. Of course it stopped raining the minute I was ready to leave my house to meet with friends. What does a girl got to do? Quickly get out the tripod and have 5 minute photoshoot on the roof. I found this fabric last year on my shopping spree in Paris. It's from the same shop as the whool and sequins fabric (I foresee a theme here) I was looking for a cool leather-ish short jacket for a while now, but the ones I found in stores were always a tad too long. So I decided to make my own. When I stumbled upon this fabric I knew I found my ideal match. (Well, let's not talk about what a ********************* it was to cut and assemble and how it could not be ironed, which is totally against my belief that you should iron everything...) jasje dont mess So, here it is all zipped up. I've got no idea what's going on at the neckline. Crazytown every now and then. This is also my 'don't mess with me'-face. The jacket seems to have the opposite effect. On my way home from dinner with said friends, two guys tried to ask my phone number. My face is a total inadequate 'don't mess with me'- face. *sigh. jasje achter jasje 1See, when you get into frantic picture mode, facial expressions get really interesting :-) This is how I plan on wearing it most of the time (if it gets a little less windy and a little more sunny) jasje half toe jasje openAnd Tadaaaaa! there is a surprise lining! I wanted to add a splash of colour to it, so I decided red and white stripes was the way to go! detail1Last but not least, a cute and blurry picture of my label. I love it that its fluorescent. I love fluorescent pink. Love pink. pink. pink. pink. So, what's the damage here? Anneke, Stephanie and I decided last sunday that if a fabric has been sitting in your stash for more than 6 months, it's considered 'a free fabric'. So, basically I have a new jacket for 10 euros. Which is the lining and the zipper. Hurray! I drafted the pattern myself, so that's a freebie as well. I hope the weather gets a little better (in September, everything is possible!) so I can enjoy it a little more before it's winter coats and big knitted scarves...

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