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The Roisin Dress in Paris

When I made the Roisin dress, I already knew I was going to Paris. And now I am back already! Lesson learned: if you wear an Eiffel Tower themed dress and go visit the Eiffel Tower, every tourist will need a picture of you. You can say no to this. Little girls will also yell at their mums in whatever language that their bedazzled Eiffel Tower Tourist Shop t-shirt is NOT SUFFICIENT! Paris was a lot of fabric shopping, some more fabric shopping, a little more fabric shopping and then out of the blue, some more fabric shopping. I will adress this issue in a future post with nice adresses :-) So, here's my Eiffel Tower dresse in front of the real one! eiffel tower p Yes, that's me squinting like crazy. Posing with a burning sun straight into your eyes isn't the best idea, not bringing sunglasses along when weather forecasts predict 30°C is quite stupid as well. I admit that I enjoyed strolling around Paris in my dress. (In my other dresses too!) Have you ever made a garment especially to wear at a certain place?