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Stock Treasures: Men's waistcoat

men's waistcoat front viewToday we have another article in the biweekly Stock Treasures series and it's another men's garment! Actually, today we have two items! It's a waistcoat heavy post! Next up is two waistcoats that were gifted to me by the same owner as the dress suit we had two weeks ago. Since waistcoats are rather straightforward I put them together. However, there are some really cute details that are no longer to be found in today's waistcoats, if you are lucky enough to find a cool waistcoat in stores, that is! My boyfriend loves wearing waistcoats for festivities, and I'm afraid I promised him some a very long time ago... Does that ever happen to any of you too? You don't think about what you promise and say things such as "sure I make you a pair of pants and a matchin waistcoat" only to finish the pants and suddenly you can not think about waistcoats without getting embarrassed? Yeah, that has never happened to me either. ;-) However, today, I'm putting all embarrassement aside and I'm showing you two really cool waistcoats who were made in the fifties, according to the previous owner. Unfortunately, they aren't in the best condition, but I hope to preserve them a little longer.

First waistcoat

Let's get to waistcoat number one! The top image is the front view, and below are the backview and a very practical little detail! men's waistcoat back view men's waistcoat lining pocket detailYup! This waistcoat has an extra pocket on the inside! Perfect for watches, handkerchiefs and love letters. It has a button closure, so your belongings stay safe in place!

Second waistcoat

men's waistcoat 1 front view openmen's waistcoat 1 front viewmen's waistcoat 1 lining printmen's waistcoat back view 1 I love the lining on this second waistcoat as well as the shiny back. It's all business in the front and party in the back. Got to love that!
P.S.: if you are interested in tailoring and tailoring techniques, this is a really good book and on this board I collect all things tailoring!