Nieuw binnen: titties sweaters & sokken in frisse lentekleuren

Since I can do squats in my jeans, I consider them a succes

ginger jeans front view outfit Well, the title says it all. I made jeans. I can do squats in them. Apart from all possible flaws in this pair I consider them a succes. That's all. ginger jeans achteraanzicht ginger jeans side view outfit Okay, I get it. Here's more information & some shots that actually show the jeans :-) (But apparently not my face, okay then.) ginger jeans front view


  • fabric: G-Star move fabric bought at Pauli
  • pattern: Closet Case Files – Ginger Jeans, view B
  • Size: 8 (waist), 14 (hips).
  • variation: B: high waisted skinny jeans
ginger jeans back

Flat Pattern Adjustments

  • shortened the legs with 9 cm
  • Full Butt Adjustment of 5 cm (woop woop)
  • Took in the back legs seam with 3 cm to 0 at the knee (where the two legs are joined)
ginger side view

On the process

I made jeans and pants before for other people, but making jeans for yourself can be quite challenging. Especcialy when you are used to seeing a flat object (as in: a skirt) instead of round legs when you look at your crotch area. As I have a big difference between my waist and my hips getting these jeans to fit was not supereasy. I had to let the waist out a bit to be able to get the waistband over my hips when putting them on. With my first muslin, this wasn't happening! A combination of protruding thighs, big bum and tiny waist also makes for a weird jumble of fabric above my legs in the front. I decided to get these jeans to fit as good as possible and move the hell on. ginger jeans front 2

On comfort

What I hated the most about wearing pants (it's been 5 year y'all!) is the fact that there was always something pulling or gaping. Or both at the same time. Due to fabric choice, these pants fit like a dream! Even better: I can do squats in them. This assures me I can also ride my bike and teach in them -with the longer top outfit option- which is quite important since I do both of those on a almost daily basis. ginger jeans side

So, I'm a happy gal. I have plenty of fabric left to make another pair when these wear out or when I want to dive into the world of pants fitting a little more.

Do you have any recent successes to report?

P.S.: want to see the inspiration for these jeans? Check out my post on Sew It Up!