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How I plan my sewing + sewing planner resources!

how I plan my sewing and some other resourcesWowie, sometimes sewing can get really overwhelming, or is that just me? Whenever I visit a fabric store a thousand new plans come to my mind! Throw this in the mix with the actual sewing for a living thing and you get an overload of projects and ideas! This year I decided it was about time I started some sewing organisation. There are a ton of sewing planners available, but today I show you my system. It's a combination of my longing for proper systems and my unorganized nature!

Let's get started.

my free project sheet freebieFirst, there's the system I use for all my paid bespoke projects. I needed a system te keep me on track, outline all the steps and put some timing on the whole project. So that's what you see here.
  • project name: client's name & order go here
  • task: I outline each single task from going to the store to buy thread to sending out an invoice.
  • who: who needs to get the task done. For example if I need to plan a fitting, I need the client too!
  • Estimated time: the time I think I'll need for this particular task. This is useful for planning purposes and quotes.
  • Deadline: I need to complete said task by this date.
  • Time used: the actual time I needed to complete a task. I learned I'm much faster at sewing this year than I was last year. I maybe there's lest twitter checking in between steps, that's also possible!
  • Done: To check if the task is completed.
As you can see there are no actual notes about sizing, fabric... on this sheet. I use a separate notebook to do all my scribblings. See that picture at the top of this post? The seventies one is the one I'm currently using. The other ones are already filled to the brim with notes, ideas and fabric samples. Let's have a look at how this notes look sewing notes 2 Yup, that's my unorganized side that comes out. These are notes on my first set of Nettie Bodysuits. I typically jot down the following things:
  • project name + date on top of the page
  • variation under the project name.
  • my measurements and the pattern measurements so I can select my size.
  • any thoughts on flat pattern adjustments
  • a fabric sample
  • some notes on the sewing process
  • used notions
  • alterations I make during sewing and fitting
  • ...............
By combining these two systems I get the perfect sewing planner for my needs. Do you take notes and put a plan in place to get your sewing organised or are you sewing whatever you like at that moment? If you are interested in getting your sewing more organised by using a sewing planner here are:

5 already existing sewing planner systems to help you plan:

  1. This is a really good planner by Verbeelding. It's in Dutch.
  2. 110 creations: a notebook designed for sewing projects
  3. A printable sewing binder set on Etsy.
  4. The well-known Fashionary to sketch out all of your ideas
  5. My project sheets: get the English version here and the Dutch one here. I also made a basic English sewing project planner inspired by the Dutch one by Verbeelding, for those of you that get headaches from my scribling system!
Now: more sewing in the sewing studio to be done so see you later!
P.S.: looking for some other blogger's inspiration: Stéphanie shows how she organises her projects in this post!