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A rigel bomber with sequined tiger head and pink hair-oh my!

rigel bomber tiger head jacket hannevandersteenAs always, when I tell myself to join a sewalong, something gets in the way. This time I'm only 3 days late, so I consider it a win! I wanted to make a black rigel bomber with this epic sequined tiger appliqué since I saw said tiger appliqué the first time around june 2014. When Sonja at gingermakes announced Rigel Bomber Jacket January Sewalong I knew that the time was now! So I started working on it right after I finished the other dress and last week the flu happened and took me out of circulation for about 10 days. Hurray. However, I finished it Monday evening so in my head it still counts! Since I already made the Rigel Bomber once in a very soft floral this was an easy make. As I tweeted: Rigel Bomber: 80% welt pockets, 20% all the other sewing! Details
  • fabric: Pauli, black ponte, also used for ribbing
  • pattern: Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber
  • Size: S
  • variation without pleating details
  • Zip: Veritas, shortened
  • Epic Sequined Tiger: Veritas
rigel bomber tiger head jacket hannevandersteen frontviewApparently I can't take a proper focused picture. So for the front this is all there is. I'm sort of digging the effect though.

Flat Pattern Adjustments

  • lengthened the sleeves by 2 cm, since I was constantly pulling them down on my other rigel.
  • Shortened the bodice by 3 cm since I like my jackets a bit shorter. It's still fairly long! However, I'm scared that if I shorten it more, the welt pockets will end up at my boobs. That's not a good look.
rigel bomber tiger head jacket hannevandersteen backview Since I shortend the bodice of this rigel, I had some trouble finding a zip that was the correct length. Whenever you encounter this problem, always pick one that is slightly too long. You can always shorten it! I'll post a tutorial on how to pick the right zip length and shortening zips if you'd like one! rigel bomber tiger head jacket hannevandersteen sideviewSo, do you like participating in sewalongs or are you always finished way beyond the deadline?