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My promise to you (& myself) for 2016

foto's Hanne-11 As you can see, things are slowly changing over here. I feel super energised after my holiday break and I can't wait to implement all the things I've been thinking about during my break (that's how it goes: you don't do anything and ideas start popping up in your head like nobody's business). I've started out by finally getting the process of a cleaner site started. I worked with the lovely Elle for a cleaner brand and now I'm slowly implementing changes. Stay tuned for more of those! I started my year with a bunch of planning & organising and goal setting and I'm super excited. For my goal setting I used a combination of Leonie Dawson's Shining Life workbook & the assignments I'm getting in the Obsessed program I'm currently doing with Melissa Cassera. I love both ladies since they are so happy + positive in their work! The Obsessed program is a year-long program and already, after 4 weeks, I'm seeing changes in my mind + in how I handle this bizz! The Shining Life workbook is a bit woowoo, but I happen to like it. Also: hard questions and a lot of "oops, I should be working on this" thoughts while filling it in! In the process of doing nothing, a lot of ideas came to my mind, but a couple of them kept coming back and kept creeping up on me unexpectedly. foto's Hanne-1

So, here's my promise to you.

In 2016 I dedicate myself to making life more awesome than it already is. Sewing is my obsession and I'm bringing the obsession straight to you. It doesn't matter if you sew or if you want clothes that actually fit. I'm ready for your challenge.

What I want to share with you:

* Bespoke outfits just for you that fit both your style & your body! No more binge buying shoes since those are the only thing in stores that fit your personality and your size! All outfits are made with love, by me! * Monthly newsletters to encourage you to follow your own path and let your spark shine through in your outfits! * Inspiring weekly posts on this blog with everything related to personal style, sewing & inspiration from other people who decided that their time to shine and feel good is now! * A collection of made to order clothes, handmade for you, so you can go on and be your own superstar. Think a selection of styles from which you choose combined with your measurements. Happy clothes right there. * Useful & helpful tutorials & how to's to expand your sewing knowledge and make your sewing feeling easy, breezy, supercool! So, now over to you, 'cause I'd love to know:

What will you be working on this year? Please share your ideas + obsessions + things you want to do!