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Personal style: looking back at 10 favorite makes

I love looking back at the 4.5 years of blogging and going to old posts. Today, I want to share a round-up of 10 of my favorite posts about personal style & makes.
  1. 90 % of my winter wardrobe is black, and I'm happy with that number. Parents at the school where I'm teaching even start noticing it. A couple of weeks ago, one of the dads in fiber art class noticed: "you are always wearing black, aren't you?"
  2. Dresses will always be my favorite so let's start with some of those. This studded Elisalex proves to be one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. Also: it's black, studded and has pockets. WIN!
  3. In May 2016, Joost got married, so our group of friends decided it was necessary to make our own outfits. This dress will remain one of my favorites forever!
  4. This dress is so comfortable. It's my favorite thing to wear when I'm working from home. It's very winter-y themed, but here I am, writing this blog post on the 4th of March and wearing it :-)
  5. I think that the award for most worn dress goes out to this sparkly shift dress. It's in weekly rotation. I even bought matching golden shoes.
  6. This two-piece setacular must be another favorite make. Perfect together and perfect for matching with other pieces. And it has a circle skirt. Those are my favorite type of skirt, ever!
  7. Most worn Summer dress must be this vesper dress in grey rayon jersey. I live in it, once temperatures go above 20°C. LOVE this dress!
  8. Leopard is a neutral. I strongly believe in this. Read more about my point of view in this post!
  9. Another dress that might need to retire due to excessive wear is this wrap dress. I'm plotting a new one for the summer, but I'm quite sure no successor will ever be as comfy and stylish as this first trial version!
  10. Last but not least: the most romantic make of all, this white, brushed velvet slip dress I made to wear on our honeymoon last August. I loved it so much, I even put it in the shop.
I loved going on this little trip down memory lane. These makes still inspire me for new projects and to keep wearing what I absolutely love! How do you keep track of your personal style and how it evolves? Do you have favorite outfits? Let me know!
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