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New zipper pouches in the shop!

A quick update to share some new zipper pouches! I am a huge fan of these pouches to organize everything. I have some for my phone charger, battery pack and nail file when I'm on the go, one for my make up, one for the hygienic things females need and so on. I also love it that when my husband and I go out on a trip, I simply put my stuff in a pouch and then he carries it around in his backpack. Makes for a perfect cute little clutch when I need to go to the restroom :-) A while ago I added the first set to the shop and after an afternoon of sewing, I added three new zipper pouches. zipper pouches zippers zipper pouch eiffel tower 10 Two of them are in cork leather/vegan leather. I must say: the cork leather is such a breeze to work with. Very easy to handle and I love how it gives a simple pouch much more attitude! zipper pouches zipper pouches zipper pouches zipper pouches zipper pouches The fabric on the third one might look familiar to long time followers: they are made from the remains of my beloved Eiffel Tower dress. Paris is one of my favorite cities and now I have a matching clutch with my dress. For this second round of fabric pouches, I added some extra stabilizer, so they are quite firm and stable. zipper pouches zipper pouches And yes: I'm obsessed with sharpies. When we were in London on our honeymoon, we passed by an office supplies store and I made Jonne wait for me so I could get myself an extra-large pack of Sharpies. I love writing with them and you can't find them in this much colors in Belgium. Anyway: you can find all the pouches in the shop! What's your weird obsession?