Named Kielo Wrap Dress - take 2

named kielo wrap dress viscose front view So, the wedding for which I made this dress was last Saturday and it was cold and rainy. Needless to say I wore another dress, but this one was finished, so I thought I'd share it with you anyway! This is version 2 of Named Clothing's Kielo Wrap dress


named kielo wrap dress viscose front view 2


  • lowered the front neckline with 4 cm
  • lowered the back neckline with 3 cm
  • opened up the sideseam with 3 cm for breathing room
  • none of the adjustments from my previous dress were made!
named kielo wrap dress viscose back view I already knew that another fabric could make a difference in fit, but with this fabric compared to the previous one it's a huge difference. Where the first version was rather big on me, this one is rather small! The fabric has absolutely no give and this makes fitting quite a challenge. I still love the fabric, but in terms of completed projects I think I like the first version better. It has more ease to it and is less fuzzy to wear. When wrapping this dress, the insides of the wrap tend to poke out. I think about topstitching them down to solve this but I'm still considering it. The fabric is quite fragile, so any actions need to be carefully planned out :-) named kielo wrap dress viscose side view Since I like experimenting, I also tried wrapping the ties the other way around so they would cross at the back. I must say that in this fabric, I really like this variation!It gives a nice elegant effect at the back and is a little less expected than wrapping it at the front. named kielo wrap dress wrap variation back viewSo, even though I couldn't wear it to the wedding, I still own two new dresses that are both comfortable and elegant so I'm happy about this last two makes! On to the next project!

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