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Can you wear a midi length pleated skirt when you are short?

Now, I'm not the kind of person who's going to tell people what they should wear. I do am the kind of person that likes to investigate if something looks good on me (in my opinion.) The moment I made the midi length pleated skirt, I wasn't really sure if thiswould be something that would look good on me. All I know is that I wanted to make them and try it! And so it happened. Of course I wore the black version, but you can also find it in this beautiful Yves Klein blue. I must admit, I'm thinking about getting that one too! The question of today's post is: can you wear a midi length pleated skirt when you are short? At 160 cm (5'3" for the imperial system peeps) I'm, as I'd like to say, a bit vertically challenged. One of the things I try to look for when I get dressed is: do I look shorter than I am? This might not be of any concern for you, but we all have our hang-ups and mine is my length. Mainstream style rules say: either wear maxi or mini, but never wear under the knee. So, yes, a midi length pleated skirt is not something that's supposed to belong in my wardrobe. But I decided to ignore the rules and try it out! You could style this skirt with cropped jumpers or loose sweaters (as seems to be very much in fashion) but as you all know, I love my classics. So I paired it with a black bodysuit, tights and my favorite lace pumps. midi length plleated skirt midi length pleated skirt midi length pleated skirt midi length pleated skirt midi length pleated skirt The verdict of the jury is out: I like it! For me, nothing beats pictures when it comes to checking proportions, and I actually like this length, if paired with heels. Let me assure you: pairing this midi length pleated skirt with a pair of sneakers, as it is very much on trend, is not something I plan on doing, but with heels: yes, I love it! Do you have particular things you always check for in outfits? What's your one thing that makes you reconsider wearing a particular garment or outfit combination? How do you cope with 'flattering clothes' advice? I'd love to know!
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