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Making these Netties work

zwarte nettie wazig Hi! I'm home alone at the moment since my boyfriend is on a trip with some of his friends. So I'm enjoying myself with sewing & reading. This weekend we have a long weekend in Belgium - or at least in my work area - since it's November 11th tomorrow, we call it 'wapenstilstand' in Dutch. (I think it's Veterans Day in the US & Remembrance day in the UK?) So I'm only teaching two days this week. Which is nice, cause more sewing! I feel like I'm finally getting my work sorted out in terms of planning and preparing and balancing it with all the other things I like to do. It's nice to feel a bit relaxed and capable of your job :-). So, this balance is good, cause it means that I have more time for selfish sewing! Last week I made myself three Netties. I wanted some since I hate pulling down my top when wearing a skirt. I always tuck my tops in and they tend to ride up. It's not very practical to try to pull them down when I'm in public, so Nettie is a great solution for this problem. Also, when your stockings slip down, you can put your Nettie on on top of them and they stay up. Double win! Pattern Notes & Modifications I used the same size as with the previous Netties. Size 12 at the bust, 6 at the waist and 14 at the hips. I picked the scoop neck & medium back with short sleeves. Instead of handsewing down every little snap, I used snap tape. I can tell you that this goes a lot faster since you can sew them on with the machine. Awesome. I sewed all the seams on my overlocker and attached the bands with my sewing machine and a small zigzag. Topstitching was also done with a small zigzag. I like the way it looks! Red Nettie The first Nettie is a red one, I spotted this beautiful red jersey at Pauli on the last day of October. Red is one of my favorite colours to wear, so it had to come home with me. rode nettie rode nettie rug Rode Nettie 2 Happy face! I also love the fact that I bought it less than two weeks ago and that I've used it already. Black Nettie The black jersey also comes from Pauli. What can I say; it's my favorite fabric store. I asked them again if they plan on opening one in Antwerp but that's not happening anytime soon. Sad. zwarte nettiezwarte nettie rug So, this one is a plain black one. I think it will look very good with my leopard circle skirt. Striped Nettie Last but not least: a striped nettie. This fabric was bought on my last Paris Fabric Haul. It's a really soft jersey. I like the colors a lot and feel like this will be one of my favorite Netties. The fabric is a bit thicker & warmer and gives a more coverage than my other Netties. It's ideal for teaching in winter! gestreepte nettie gestreepte nettie rug gestreepte nettie 2 gekleurde nettie zijkant I'm very happy with these three makes. I feel like I'll wear them a lot (already wore the red one twice!) I'm also very proud of my strip matching on the last Nettie. I mean, with all the curves in the pattern it wasn't an easy job! Now I'm off again... there's more sewing to be done. Hurray!