What I've learned last week #86

2016-05-04 18.18.49 The last couple of months, I've learned a lot of things online. I'd like to share a couple of those with you. Maybe they can help you too. #1 How to make your own recycled notebook. I'm a notebook addict, but I also make my own. This is a handy tutorial by the zero waste home!

#2 Three tips for left-handed sewists. I must add: think about where you place your light source!

#3 You'll get there when you get there. This goes for everything!

#4 This tutorial by Ikat bag on manipulating a set-in sleeve sloper into a raglan one is SO good.

#5 If you put $15 a day in a savings account, you' might be a millionaire by the time you retire.

What did you learn last week?
image: Hands from amazing friends, working on my wedding dress! For more daily life, you can always follow me on instagram!

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