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What I've learned last week #76

tumblr_inline_nmg2ufh80k1qfbxhx_500 The last couple of months, I've learned a lot of things online. I'd like to share a couple of those with you. Maybe they can help you too. #1 Recently fell in love with this new store called Juttu. Strong emphasis on ecological clothing and products. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.

#2 Ever considered sewing your own fully functioning outdoor tent? I hadn't, but this site has a lot of resources if you plan to sew one!

#3 The only good thing about sexism is that we get to watch this type of videos that calls sexists out on their BS.

#4 Thinking like a designer can also apply to sewing: tips & a year in review by The Cutting Class.

#5 Finding pleated fabric is difficult, so why not have it pleated for you? Studio Faro shares how to prep for industrial pleating.

What did you learn last week?
image source: The Cutting Class