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What I've learned last week #66

huizen aan de kust The last couple of months, I've learned a lot of things online. I'd like to share a couple of those with you. Maybe they can help you too. #1 This year I'm all about sewing lingerie (that evening class is going great! an update soon) so I'm also reading everything about sewing lingerie. This post by Amy of Cloth Habit on different bra styles was an interesting read! #2 I love having a peek into other people's sewing spaces. This one by Thread Theory is pretty amazing!

#3 I see this among my girlfriends and I see myself doing it: trying to do it all. High performance womanhood. It's not necessary.

#4 Star Wars Origami. How awesome is the existence of this?

#5 I'm not much of knitter myself, but I love knitted sweaters. Gonna try to convince my mum to knit a shorter version of these sweaters by Julia Bobbin. Mama, please?

What did you learn last week?
image source: photograph taken by me on the island of Stord in Norway