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What I've learned last week #108

new labels care labels The world wide web can be a rabbit hole. Sometimes I dive into the rabbit hole. Here's what I've learned visiting it! #1 A history on the Antwerp 6. A group of Belgian fashion designers who put Antwerp on the map as a fashion capital.

#2 If you were to work at Etsy headquarters, what would you wear? A look at office fashion.

#3 There are so many 'shoulds' in our lives. Even about how we 'should' do things to make ourself happy, to get the lean body, to be the most productive, best version of ourself. Maybe, we don't need to do anything and we get to pick whatever feels good for us. Because there is no right way.

#4 "I like kid stuff." YES. me too.

#5 I was equally Barbie obsessed as the woman in this blog post. Also: so much clothes!

What did you learn last week?
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