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What I've learned last week #106

The last couple of months I learned a lot of things! This series has been going strong for over 2 years now! Even though I recently fell of the wagon, a special request by Inge was all I needed to bring back the series. So here is installment number 106 #1 This bra by Emerald Erin is SO beautiful I might shamelessly copy it.

#2 What does flattering even mean and should we care? This woman got dressed by 5 different stylists after she asked them for 'flattering clothes'. I'll continue to say that feeling happy in your clothes and having clothes that actually fit you everywhere will always remain my top priorities!

#3 When trying to come up with new designs, it's always a matter of balancing creativity and commercial viability. This article shines a light on how lingerie designers do just that.

#4 I want to do this: implementing the idea of adult sticker charts. Now, where are my stickers.

#5 I'm obsessed with these photographs of Frida Gustavsson by Mert&Marcus. Those textures <3

What did you learn last week?
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