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What I've learned last week #101

2016-10-17-13-38-24 The last couple of months I learned a lot of things! I've been sharing those things with you for over 2 years now! Consistency is good. The funny thing about these posts is that I hardly get any comments on it here at the blog, but that I get a lot of emails, tweets and face to face comments about it! So happy to hear that you all like reading these posts! So here is installment number 101! #1 I love this song by Moby.

#2 Interesting thoughts on buttonhole attachments, poorly sewn samples and perceived value in sewing patterns.

#3 Dear Vogue, my body parts are not yours to discard. Boobs are body parts, they are not a trend.

#4 This is for everyone who needs it: it's going to be okay. You can always fight for what you believe in.

#5 Love reading this post by Megan Nielsen on how her patterns are made! I really enjoy behind the scenes posts. Might need to do one myself!

What did you learn last week?
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