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It's a Cambie!

Finally something I made again! I was asked to make a graduation party dress for a 18-year old girl that plays in the band at the church my mother goes to. She sent me some pictures and I immediately thought of Cambie as a base pattern. I addapted the pattern by adding an extra layer in chiffon. I ruched the top and altered the back so it would hit her a little lower (as she asked!) This is also the reason I haven't made something for myself (this and the other graduation party dress I made for my boyfriends sister and the costume I am making for someone... Pictures will hopefully show up sooner or later :-)) So here are some pics! Jolien 3Total shot! All dressed up. Jolien's (= the girl) mother made the cute little bag.Jolien 4 Shot of the lower back Jolien 2Shot of the top part (I added extra strips of fabric to cinch in her waist (she is TINY) and make a nice bow at the back of the dress) Jolien 1And here she is with her best friend shining and happy. Oh, to be 18! (And I'm only 22, imagine!)