Is it another Hazel? Yes, it is!

You all know I love Colette Patterns. I already blogged about my Hazels (which you can see here and here), I made Laurel (and plan on making more for the wintertime!) I promise that one day I will show you the Sorbetto I made, I am currently making a second pair of Clovers for my mum and I plan on making Crepe for myself and Negroni for both my boyfriend and dad. But getting to the point of my story... I made another Hazel! It has been hot here in Belgium for the last three weeks and that is -understatement- more on the unusual side of the weather spectrum. I am currently also not buying new clothing (except for underwear, thights, shoes). The combiniation of both made me really bored with my wardrobe - first world problems, I know. So I wanted a new dress (= een nieuwe jurk in Dutch = my blog's name!). However, I did not wanted to fiddle around with FBA's and bodice lenghtening and broad shoulders and small backs and all that fuss. So I decided on making another Hazel from a fabric that was in my stash. I cut a size 8 and remembered my notes on the pattern. I extended the bust dart by 2 centimeters (that's about 6/8 inch) and made it more curvy. I took in the back by 4 centimeters and shortened the straps by 4 centimeters. (Yes, I am a short girl!) For this version I added 5 centimeters extra to each seam of the skirt. (total of 20 extra) I felt like there wasn't enough gathering going on in my Pomegranate Hazel and I wanted to fix that. I think it pays of. And it makes more room for my derrière as well, which is always practical!) So, now I shut up and show you some pictures! IMG_2084 IMG_2095 Fabric: Stash, originally bought in Paris in September '12, €10/3 meters. I love it. You might recognise it from this attempt to sew underwear. 100% cotton. Details: handpicked zipper and invisible hook-and-eye I plan on making another Hazel dress in a nani-iro double gauze I got myself some time ago. It has pen stripes on it and I think it will work very well with the bias cut panneling. Does anyone has this same problem of making the same dress or pattern over and over?

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