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Indie Pattern Month

Indie pattern month
Modern Vintage Cupcakes is hosting Indie Pattern Month. Since I am a great believer in independent designers and I love all the cute booklets and extras a pattern from an indie designer comes with, I felt the need to point this out. Since I am a little late to the party, (how do you call busy? Indeed: JUNE)
So here is a list of my favourite patterns I made so far. Colette's Hazel in pink and leopard
Colette's Laurel
And I just made Sewaholic's Cambie dress for a girl who graduated (more on that later!)
And I made a version of Deer&Doe's Belladone with an extra cutout. (I'll show that one later as well!)
I will be making
Elisalex by By Hand London (Red Eiffel Tower fabric, Need I say more?) Colette's Crepe (white cotton and turkois polka dot. Yes, it will be a knock-off!)
Colette's Macaron (still adjusting the pattern...) Another verson of Colette's Clover for my mother
And a Peony for my mother (yes, she tends to be rather demanding!) in this beautiful Petit Pan fabric I already have.
I want to make a couple Negroni's for my boyfriend and father.
And of course I will be making the Newcastle Cardigan by Thread Theory! I already have my boyfriend and brother asking for it :-)
What are your favorite indie patterns? Do you prefer indie over big companies? Do you like the extra pretty packaging or does that leave you indifferent? I'd love to hear your opinions!
At last I have a question: A friend who's going through a difficult time asked me to make some summer dresses she can wear around the house (very lightweight, but still covering up a little) She is tall and big (I am not trying to be unrespectful, but just explaining the situation here) I know that sewing for bigger people is completely different than sewing for people with a smaller frame, so I wonder if anybody has good advice on patterns, fitting issues, proportions? I really want this to be a nice experience for her and make her feel very pretty when wearing this dresses. I hope anyone can help me out!