In the meantime...

Warning: crappy pictures coming up!

I am currently working on a couple projects at a time. So, since it might take a while untill all of them are finished, I'll show you some proof that I am a hard worker!Some of these projects have been on my list for almost a year. I can announce that the toile/muslin for my boyfriend's pants is finally done!

Exhibit A
broekSecond project is a modified versoin of Colette's Peony I am making for my mum. I am making a sleeveless version with a pleated neckline instead of the normal neckline. If anyone would like a tutorial on that, I can provide you with it :-)

Exhibit B

Last but not least there is this pile of Crepe, also by Colette.Apparently I can't measure myself properly. For a crazy reason I thought I was a size 12 in my bust, a size 8 at my waist and a size 14 at my hips. Boy was I wrong. I am an 8 on top, a 6 at my waist and a 12 at my hips. Of course I only found out after cutting and assembling my muslin. I also ran out of tracing paper, so went out through the rain (yes, it's back to normal Belgian summer here, I was way to happy in my last post!) I can start over again. Hurray!

Exhibit C

So I leave you with these pictures and go mind my own pattern tracing business.

Do you juggle different projects at once or are you monogamous?

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