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How To Books That Make You Smile

draw all the things Today we'll have a look at books that focus on drawing techniques. I show some examples from my own collections with a link where you can buy them. If you want to explore more options, all you need to do is visit a bookstore or an online shop and have a look. The most important thing to me, is to find books that inspire me. Sometimes the way a figure is drawn doesn't really resonate with me and I know now that if that happens I'm not likely to pick the book back up again. So that's my advice for today: pick a book which drawing style resonates with you so you feel inspired every time you start drawing! 9789054960935 This first book 'Figurines de Mode et Stylisme' by Elisabetta Drudy is a French copy. It's very 'dry' as in black & white line drawings. I like to use it for technical drawings since every option for clothing is covered. There are some coloured drawings but I don't really love them. The technical aspect however is very useful. The book is very fashion oriented, so all the figurines are quite skinny and long, so if that's not your cup of tea I'd skip this one! figurines 3 figurines 4 figurines1 figurines2 figurines5 9783836504072I have the Dutch version of this book: fashion illustration techniques by Maite Lafuente. What I like about it is how it gives you options for drawing figures and clothes as well as a chapter on techniques and materials. Here are some shots from my version of the book: maite lafuente 8 maite lafuente 7 maite lafuente 6 maite lafuente 5 maite lafuente 4 maite lafuente 3 maite lafuente 2 maite lafuente 1 fashion source bookThe Fashion Source Book by Kathryn McKelvey is a true gem! The featured garments can come across as a bit dated or out there but the detail in each drawing is amazing. Whatever garment you plan on drawing or whatever construction detail you want to incorporate, there's a sketch in the book. Sometimes it's easier to draw something once you've seen an example of what it should look like and this book is definetely a go to reference! fashion source book 2 fashion source book 3 fashion source book 4 fashion source book Bibliography If you have any more questions or recommendations, leave them in the comments!
Disclaimer All books discussed are books I've bought myself and used for years. If you buy something after clicking on a link in the bibliography, I might be compensated due to an Affilliate program. This will not make your book more expensive! I'd never recommend something I don't like myself!