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How to avoid the swallowing of pins or needles - my 5 favorite sewing tunes

Fernand Lacroix and Gaby play Hohner Accordians in the J.C. Williamson production of The Piddington ShowA couple weeks ago I had this chat with Anneke about the fact that we always sing along to music when we are sewing. The main reason? Not the fantastic lyrics. Not our golden voice. Not the fact that we like to torture neighbours... The main reason is the fact that when you are singing, you can't put pins or needles in your mouth. This singalong is life saving! Here are my 5 favorite tunes to sing to when I'm sewing! AKA my 5 favorite Sewing Tunes!

Katzenjammer - A Bar in Amsterdam (and all other songs!)

Katzenjammer was a class favorite when I was doing my Masters in Costume Design and work was often interrupted for impromptu stress relieving dance sessions. I saw them in concert last month and they are completely nuts on stage. Which is something I love!

Bruce Springsteen - No Surrender

My mother always played Bruce Springsteen's music and after I saw him and the E-street band play live at TW Classic in 2013 I consider myself a fan. His music makes me happy and sometimes sad, but it's always nice to sing along to this version of No Surrender!

The Killers - Runaways

I'm a huge Killers fan since I was about 16 and I still love their music. Lately I've been listening a lot to their records and Runaways is one I put on repeat so I can sing along to the intro again "Blond hair blowing in the summer wind..."

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

This song was used in a ballet production where I did costume design. Ever since the song has been stuck in my head. I still see all the movements when I hear the music.

Foo Fighters - Times Like These

I love myself some harder music and this song by Foo Fighters is a long time favorite. Also: you should check out the video. Those backgrounds are completely crazy + make me feel like I'm watching some early 2000 home video where the maker was on drugs or sleep deprived. Or both. Now, tell me: what is your favorite music to listen to when you are sewing?

Anneke shared her sewing tunes in this post: "How to turn sewing into a louder hobby and not die in the proces". Great read!

If you've written a post about your sewing tunes, please let me know so I can link here!
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