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How I messed up the Brasilia Dress [and how it had nothing to do with the pattern]

So, I tried out the Brasilia Dress designed by Rachel of House of Pinheiro. The pattern is fabulous. You need to grade it yourself, but there are a million tutorials on the interwebs to solve that problem. So I graded it. And then stress kicked in. And I rushed through the process. And sewing rule 101 is NO RUSHING. And I messed up big time when I wanted to apply the bias binding. On the neckline. So it's looking horrible. Anyway... Here are some pictures of the (not really) wearable muslin. Brasilia 2 Brasilia 3 Brasilia 4Also to do: lower bust darts, add a little more room in the hip area and take in the waist a little more. So, if I can find some time, I'd love to try a second time on this gorgeous Brasilia pattern! However, what do you think? I particularly like my thights. I think my legs benefit from my yoga classes.