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Happy tunes for Rainy Days

Picture by Dries Renglé
I've talked about how I really love listening to music when I'm working. Music clears my head + singing along makes sure I don't put pins in my mouth and I don't die. A little dramatic, but also true. Today I'm sharing some Happy Tunes for Rainy Days. I'm so over Winter, but Winter apparently isn't over yet. So let's do some rain dances and ask for Spring! I've picked these songs since they are upbeat and very happy. So stand up and do a bit of ass-shaking and get your dance moves one. My physiotherapist says I need to move around more when I'm working, and these tunes are perfect for wild, impromptu dance parties in between focused work sessions. dance, dance.

Happy Tunes for Rainy Days from hanne.vds on 8tracks Radio.

So, now you know: You are gold!
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