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Client work: my favorite bespoke projects

It's strange to see how things evolve over time. Now I'm sewing a lot for my store, but I'm also sewing a lot for clients. These clients are some of my favorite people! They are looking for garments that embody all of my favorite things: quality fabrics, good fit and a general love for quality & happy clothes. After sharing some of my favorite personal makes on Saturday, I want to share some of my favorite bespoke projects today! Bespoke projects are the projects that take quite some time. I'll go into the details of how a bespoke project works tomorrow, but here are some of my favorite projects from the last years!
Let's dive in!
Brides are always fun clients and this bride requested two sashes for her adorable bridesmaids. Happy Together? Yes please! happy together bridesmaids sashes hanne vandersteen This client has a special place in my heart, since she happens to be my mama! She's also a very loyal client (a bunch of cardigans, dresses...), but my favorite bespoke project I ever did for her (to this day) was the Chanel inspired tweed jacket. favorite bespoke projects This mother - daughter duo was among my very first clients. I still think they look smashing in their new dresses! You'll have to click-through to see all three of the dresses! clients work anne front Sometimes, a client comes to me and asks me to push my own boundaries. That's exactly what Aya did, when she asked me to make her a full suit. Now, she's killing it in her suit! This last client is one of my ideal clients! She's the one that literally told me that she was trying on a skirt in a store, because she liked the color. The fit was off, so she put the skirt back on the rack and went to the fabric store. "Well, I can buy the fabric and you can make me something beautiful!" Things like this make me so happy! You can find sneak peeks of what I recently made her here, and here. But here are the first two skirts I made her! So, these are some of my favorites! Going through everything made me realize that I have quite the backlog of bespoke projects, so I'll be sharing those here in the next weeks!
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