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Client work: Striped dress

vogue jurk mama 4 Still working through the backlog of projects! Today I present a dress I made for my favorite client: my mama! We went on a little fabric buying spree together and even though she strongly dislikes sewing, she does have great taste in fabrics and loves going through them and buying them, that's for sure! For this gorgeous striped brushed cotton, we decided on a simple silhouet. To start, I used Vogue 8766, which you can read more about in this behind the scenes post of November. Here are some in progress muslin shots. The fit was a bit thight at the waist and there was too much length in the back of the bodice. I took out the excess fabric in the back and made the changes to the pattern. I also added a couple centimeters to the waist area to make sure there would be room for Christmas dinners! toile dress fitting 3 I managed to matched all stripes. I love the fact that this fabric with grey stripes also hase a very subtle red line next to each stripe. Makes it a bit more special! vogue jurk mama 5 vogue jurk mama 3 vogue jurk mama 2 vogue jurk mama Some wrinkles from transport and wearing, but looking fairly good after all! As you can see, mama was very pleased with the dress and even had matching thights and shoes to go with it! After Christmas dinner she reported that there was plenty of space for dessert in this dress :-)


  • Pattern: Vogue 8766
  • Fabric: Brushed cotton, Pauwels Stoffen
  • Thread: Amann Mettler in black
  • Zipper: OPTI, Pauwels Stoffen
  • lining: Pauwels Stoffen

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