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Client Work: a bicycle themed shirt + favorite resources on shirtmaking techniques!

I told you in my review of 2015 that I have quite a backlog of projects, so we'll catch up on those to get started in 2016! Last November and the beginning of December was a lot about making garments for other people. Or even garments that were intended to be gifted by other people to other people. One of those garments was this light blue shirt with bicycle details. It was ordered by a client, to gift to her brother in law. She sent me the fabric and a shirt to copy, and I got started! hemd 3 *blurry pictures, I don't take good photographs under time pressure :-)) The shirt is a simple button-up. The inside of the collar stand, the button band and the facings on the sleeves are done in the bicyle-printed cotton. It was a quilting cotton, but behaved very well. Since all fabrics are prewashed, the fabric combination will also work out after a couple of washing cycles! I copied the pattern pieces for the shirt from a well-fitting shirt she sent along in the mail. I must admit that I love the security of copying well-fitting garments. You know that you'll get the fit right and it saves a lot of headaches over fitting issues! hemd 2 hemd 1 Since there's not much to say about this shirt, I'm just going to leave you all with my favorite tutorials in case you are starting out with shirtmaking! To a happy 2016, may your bobbin never be empty in the middle of a seam!
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