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Client Work: Copycat Skirts for Carry

client work skirt detail 1 In september I got a phonecall from Carry, who was in need for new skirts. She told me that she had this skirt that she absolutely loves, but that's also needs a new version soon! I love it when clients come with a loved garment that makes them feel fabulous and comfortable and I especcially love it when they trust me to make a garment that will give them the same feelings! Here's a short report on what I did for Carry! Carry had this skirt she really enjoyed wearing so we decided on making a similar skirt. She had already purchased two fabrics that she liked before meeting me and I was lucky: she picked two gorgeous fabrics. One was a houndstooth wool (pied-de-poule in my neck of the woods) and the other one a beautiful winter white cashmere. Here are pictures of the original skirt. As you can see it's a very basic skirt, consisting of 7 panels, one front panel, 4 side panels and two back panels. The skirt closes at mid back with an invisible zip. It was fully lined, without pockets. client work skirt original 2client work skirt original Since the fabric of the orginal skirt had a lot of body and structure and the new fabrics where less structured, I decided upon underlining the skirt with a lightweight cotton batiste. I didn't draft the pattern for the new skirts, but copied them from the original pattern pieces by putting the original skirt on top of a layer of pattern paper and pinning through the layers into the cardboard underneath the layer of pattern paper. After that it's a game of connect the dots! I learned this through the book: Patternmaking for a perfect fit by Steffani Lincecum. A great read if you want to copy all of your clothes!

Houndstooth Skirt

This version was made with fabric Carry bought in Italy. It's a beautiful wool that worked like a dream. It pressed beautifully and made making this skirt super easy! Each skirt piece is underlined. The facings are underlined but I didn't add any extra interfacing. The seams are finished with my overlocker. The skirt is fully lined with a gorgeous (even though it's polyester!) stretch lining from Pauwels in Antwerp, to avoid it going up during thights-season! The hem is done by hand, made extra easy by the underlining! client work skirt 1 front client work skirt 1 back client work skirt detail 3 client work skirt detail 2

Winter White Cashmere Skirt

As far as pattern and construction goes, the same applies as with the first skirt. Carry bought the fabric in a fabric shop in Slovenia! A true international affair, these skirts. The lining is the same as with the houndstooth version. client work skirt 2 front client work skirt 2 back client work skirt detail 4client work skirt detail 5 The only thing I changed after fitting, is adding the hook-and-eye to the top of the zipper. This pulls everything in a bit, making the skirt sit perfectly without Carry thinking it might fall off. Carry was very happy with my work, happy client = happy me! I can't wait to work with her again and add to her handmade wardrobe!
If you would like someting made exactly to your preferences & measurements, please contact me! I'd love to work with you and make you feel amazing. (Everyone deserves to feel amazing in what they are wearing!) Get started here!