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Blog Reflections

After blogging for a whole year, I wanted to think about where I want to go next. I feel like blogging about my makes is something that I both enjoy and find difficult to do. I love the process of sharing everything with people who actually understand what it takes to make a certain piece, but I certainely also feel pushed by myself to make more things and make them bigger, better and bolder than the last one. For this year I still want to share my makes here, but I also want to feel less pressured (by myself) to make things. From reading other blogs, I sense that this feeling of 'pressure' is quite common. However! I love sewing, I love blogging and I really want to continue to do this! I feel like I get a lot of feedback on my makes from the people already reading my blog. In 2014 I want to continue making things. So here are some of my goals for 2014
    • make at least one garment/month, either for myself or someone else.
    • try at least 3 new patterns from my pattern stash
    • as mentioned in my last post: '3 out, 1 in' rule for fabrics.
    • Make a list of my wardrobe and fill in the gaps (instead of sewing 6 more summer dresses)
Since blog posts without pictures are boring I have some Ryan Gosling for you. *sigh.