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Bits and pieces

Hello everyone do you still know me? Kidding! I haven't been posting around here, but I've been patternhacking, grading and sewing up a storm, simply not for myself or to post it on the blog (yet). Here are some bits and pieces I thought I can share already! First up: I am testing a tablet for my dad and it came without a protector. So I knew I had to fix that issue (I was carrying it around in a wash cloth, go figure). Since it won't be mine forever, I did not picked blue and pink flamingos for the sleeve, but something a little more neutral. IMG_2538 IMG_2539 IMG_2540I used some cotton ikat for both lining and shell. I added some batting in between two layers and added a zip. Everything came from my stash. Total costs on material: €0,00. Homemade vs store bought 1-0! Next up is this pair of Amerson Undies. I tried some a long time ago, but for FESA 2013 I wanted to try some more. This time around I cut a smaller size, a medium, which fit way better than the L I cut last time based upon my measurements. I used elastic, some cotton and thread from my stash. Yes, again it is hot pink thread. And all from my stash. Total costs on material: €0.00 Homemade vs store bought 2-0! IMG_2541IMG_2543 Last but not least... A long time ago the wonderful and hilarious Charlotte hosted a giveaway. I was the lucky person who won. International post can be a ***** every now and then and postal services decided they would be the nightmare version of themself this time around. But ........ *drumroll* IMG_2544 It arrived! Check the date on the card! 29 JUNE 2013. It only took 4 MONTHS to get here. I could have travelled to the Americas by boat and back in the 19th century in this time span. However. The package is fabulous. And I got a screw punch. From Martha Stewart. How cool is that. And the card and envelop say "see you later alligator". Charlotte, thank you so much! What have you guys been up to lately? Extra, extra: if you won something in the giveaway: please contact me by leaving a reaction with your mail adress so I can contact you about your price!