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It's my birthday and I can give gifts if I want to

And I want to! So I went through my stash - which reminded me of the fact that if you look into my stash, you might think I am schizofrenic, which I am not, people simply tend to gift me fabric they need to get rid of, so I end up with a pile of gorgeous fabrics that don't flatter me - so, I went through my stash and I picked out 3 fabrics (for 23 years, you get it?). Hopefully they'll make somebody happy! IMG_2418First one on the list is a wool/poly plaid. It is 1.10x1.50 metres (extra already cut into piece of 0.70x0.90 meters attached to it) . ikat zwartSecond on is an ikatstyle soft cotton/rayon. It measures 1.30 x 1.40 meters. floralsLast but not least, this is a vintage floral cotton/rayon blend. I love the print and the colours, but they totally wash me out. It measures 2.80x2.40 meters, so you can easily make it into a dress! Anybody interested in these fabrics? Please leave a comment saying so and which fabric(s)you chose. I'll ship worldwide (if necessary) and would love for these fabrics to find a new home! You can win an extra entry by tweeting or blogging about this giveaway and letting me know about that in the comments! Giveaway ends on October 14th, 00.00 GMT+1!