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Baby it's cold outside: My outfit

This month's Sew It Up Monthly theme is all about warm + comfy clothes. I also want to use the patterns and fabrics from my stash so I'm using those as a stash. I didn't had a ton of time for sewing for myself, so I decided to pick something not too elaborate! I decided on the Brume skirt by Deer&Doe as a pattern. This is a fitted knit pencil skirt with very interesting style lines. I wanted to make one for a while, so since a knit skirt sounds comfy, I decided to go for it! brum skirt Pictures are taken inside. It's getting a bit warmer here, but I'm not planning on taking pictures outside if the temperatures are below 10°C. :-)
  • fabric: coated jersey. Online, cannot remember which store
  • pattern: Brume, Deer&Doe
  • size: graded between 40 at waist and 46 at hips
brume skirt brume skirt side
The skirt was made in one afternoon, including tracing the pattern pieces. In the instructions, you are adviced to grade in between sizes. However, I've found this to give very weird bumbs at the front of the skirt. I had to straighten the front seams and this caused the skirt to get smaller. Next time I'll add extra width to the back pieces only. All seams were stitched on my sewing machine using a small zigzag. Horizontal seams were topstitched using the stretch stitch. I'm seriously considering getting a coverlock and I can only imagine how beautiful Brume would look with coverlock topstitching. *dream I kept the original, short, length of the skirt and think this is a good lenght on me. The waistband in size 40 is a bit loose on my waist, but if it gets smaller I can't get it over my hips. I might take the waistband of and insert a piece of elastic to tighten it a bit. The fabric is quite heavy, which gives some support, but also means the seams get a bit too bulky. This is mostly visible at the front panels, where the yoke and the center front panel are sewn together. I imagine that if you use a thinner fabric, the seams will lay flatter. brume skirt side 2 brume skirt front
In the last couple of months, I gained a couple kilos and it shows in this skirt. I must say that I really like the style lines of the skirt and it's super comfortable. However - at this moment - this is not the type of garment that makes me feel amazing in my own skin. It simply shows too much lumbs and bumbs. Even though it fits, it also shows the things I don't really like at the moment. We'll see how I feel about that in the future! brume skirt back brume skirt front 2 If you want to give Brume a try, I do recommend the pattern. It's a quick make and the finished product is very comfortable to wear! I also think the style lines are really interesting!