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An Ode To Roisin

From the moment I saw Elisalex popping up everywhere I knew I had to make one. One day, I was wondering around the wonderful blog of Roisin and I stumbled upon this beautiful Eiffel Tower dress. I remember jumping up and down my chair and yelling to my boyfriend that I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED AN EIFFEL TOWER DRESS TO GO TO PARIS! And in my mind Elisalex and the Eiffel Tower fabric melted into one image. And that's why I have one now. Since it's an Eiffel Tower Elisalex, I decided to name it after Roisin, the big inspiration for this dress. She made a gorgeous red version, but mine is *drumroll* ORANGE! Roisin even provided me with some advice on wether or not a backvent would be needed in order to ride my bike (Thank you, Roisin!). I never thought I'd make an orange dress, but I did. And I will flaunt it in Paris next week and take some pictures underneath the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower 1So on to the pattern. I changed quite a lot. I did a Full Bust Adjustment, using the tutorial By Hand London provides. It's great. After making my muslin, I had to take in the waist by 1.5 centimeter at each piece. So 3 cm/seam. I also shortened the straps of the back piece by 3 cm each. I shortened the skirt with 25 centimeters (those girls at By Hand London must be true glamazones! It still hits me at my knees! I also added pockets to the sideseams. I also added a back vent to the skirt in order to be able to ride my bike. The fabric is Michael Miller Eiffel Tower in orange. The zipper is the exact blue of the Eiffel Tower print with golden zipper teeth. I love those metal chunky zippers. Eiffel Tower 2Eiffel Tower 3 So what do you think? Did I do a good job paying tribute to Roisin?