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A small owl and a giant Moose

Goodevening everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update on some recent non-clothing makes. My boyfriend's sister celebrated her birthday a month ago and last Wednesday my boyfriend's mother had her birthday as well! I always try to come up with personal gifts that are preferably handmade. The week before we celebrated his sister's birthday we went to an arts&crafts event. There was a guy with owls and you could have your picture taken. My boyfriend's sister is a huge owl fan, so she had her picture taken. That was when I got the idea of making an owl pillow so she could have an owl with her any time! (warning: iPad picture coming up) To make it extra special, I used my sewing machine to embroider her name on the back of the pillow. uilMaterials used: Eyes: fleece & felt from stash Eye patch & Belly: cutest lion fabric ever, Timeless Treasures from Julija's shop (which happens to be around the corner from my place) Nose: Galaxylex dress remantBody: glittery stars jeans, Kokka from Julija's shop. 1/2 bag of Panda stuffing The second present was for my boyfriend's mother. She's a great fan of moose. You know, these huge animals that aren't Santa's helpers. When she saw the owl pillow, she immediately said she'd love to have a Moose Pillow, to which my boyfriend replied: in real life size? So when here birthday came around, we decided to gift her a HUGE Moose pillow. Literally. It hardly fitted into the backseat of our car (we drive a Renault Clio, so it's not that wide, but still) From one antler to the other it's as wide as my total height. (5'2" or 160 cm) You can see it here sitting in their three persons seat sofa. Accompanied by another moose pillow. I also embroidered her name on the back of the pillow. Ain't no doubt about it, this one is hers! mooseMaterials used: Head, front flap of ears: cute little beavers, Timeless Treasures from Julija's shop. Eyes: faux leather from stash Antlers, back ears, nostrils: terrycloth from Pauli 2 1/2 bag of Panda stuffing. It was so much fun making these gifts and seeing their faces. Do you like making gifts or do you buy them? Happy sewing! PS: if you are interested in Sew It Up, the Belgian/Dutch sewing competition: this week we are presenting all the contestants, and they are lovely! Go over to the Sew It Up website to get to know them!