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A NettieLadySkaterMashUp

mash up front Good afternoon to all! it's bright and sunny here in Antwerp (hurray for warm Septembers) and I'm finally blogging my Nettie/Ladyskater mashup. I didn't had any idea for clever names for this mash-up, so go ahead and help me out in the comments if you want to! I feel like this is a bit of a strange dress, but it has a strange history so that's okay! Remember when my computer died about a month ago? Yes, that day I was up half the night to save as many files as possible to my external harddisk. It was done at 2am the next day. Hurray. So instead of cursing and staring at my screen to watch my computer transfer the files as slow as a snail, I decided to go ahead and work on this dress. I've had it planned for a long time, so I decided that an easy dress would be great to accompany the transfer process. mashup 6 My original idea was to make a ladyskater, but since then I've made a couple Netties and I love the way it fits me. So I decided (after some advice from Inge on Twitter) to take the easy way out and simply add the skirt of the Ladyskater. Since the main fabric was a small coupon, I needed to add some other fabric to the skirt to make it work. I opted for black jersey. The weight of the black fabric is slightley heavier than the main fabric, but it works. Now, Picture Time! mashup 3 What I like about this dress is that it's supercomfortable. What I don't like is how weird the black cuts me of in the back. I should have checked it. I also plan on wearing this when it gets colder so I can add thights and a cardigan. I feel like this dress needs a cardigan. mash up 5 Some facts: Fabric: Pauli Pattern: Top: Nettie (size 12 bust, 6 waist), Skirt: Ladyskater, adapted for a band at the bottom. mashup back mash up 4 Thanks for reading! What's your most recent make? Do you like mashups?