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5 movies to unwind during the holidays

signé chanel During the holidays I love cuddling up underneath a blanket with a cup of tea and read books or watch movies. Since the days are getting colder + darker already, I've already started this tradition early this year. I need to relax a bit more to sleep better and reading or watching movies definetely helps. I'm not much of a movie person, but I love watching documentaries and costume drama. My boyfriend likes horror, so we agree to disagree on this subject, however we did watched almost every Tarantino + Robert Rodriguez movie together. That was awesome. Recentely I've been watching some documentaries and costume dramas that I thought I'd share to give you some inspiration for movies during the holidays. Just in case you don't want to rewatch Frozen or Home Alone for the 432nd time. This list is also 100% sewing or fashion related. I must confess that I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to sewing/fashion documentaries. I love them.

1. Signé Chanel

signe chanel werken bij chanelThis documentary made me want to go back to school (only: no funding) A documentary on the making of the Chanel couture collection. It's a heart warming and very human filled story on both the birth of a collection as well as the humor and warmth of the people making the collection. The documentary shows the story and work of the hardworking 'petits mains' (sewists) that make the couture clothes and the process that takes place in order to put on an amazing show. Director: Loïc Prigent Joy: 130 min + extras Language: French/English Subtitles: English/Dutch

2. The Day Before: Rykiel

rykielAnother documentary by Loïc Prigent. This one puts focus on the making of the 40th anniversary show of the Sonia Rykiel brand. What I loved most about it is how you see the different sides of the designer and her daughter. They are on fire and in charge and tackeling a crisis and two minutes later they are praising their children. Beautiful. Also: a lot of fun clothes and designs. Director: Loïc Prigent Joy: 52 min + extras Language: French/English Subtitles: English/Dutch

Marie Antoinette

marie antoinetteThis one is probably well known already, but I had to include it. Marie Antoinette is a beautiful, whimsical version of the story of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. If you love attention to detail and unexpected music choices, this one is a must see. Director: Sofie Coppola Joy: 127 min + extras Language: English

The Duchess

the duchessA heart breaking story about Georgina Spencer, who becomes the Duchess of Devonshire. It's a costume drama placed in the 18th century, so prepare for giant wigs, amazing crinolines and very thight corsets. Director: Saul Dibb Joy: 105 min + extras Language: English

Yves Saint Laurent: L'amour Fou

yves saint laurent l'amour fouA documentary that puts Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in the spotlight. If you like beautiful clothes, houses and art, this one is for you. Yves Saint Laurent L'amour Fou tells the story of the rise of Yves Saint Laurent and his relationship with Pierre Bergé. It's a beautiful collection of images and memories about beauty, art and love. Director: Pierre Thoretton Joy: 96 min + extras Language: French Subtitles: English/Dutch If you have any other movies you enjoyed watching, please let me know, so I can check them out too!