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Why am I even blogging?

So, you might notice that there's a lot more activity going on here than there used to be in the last year! There are two reason behind it: 1) I missed blogging and wanted to come back to it but needed a kick in the behind to actually get started. 2) The kick in the behind was delivered by Kathleen from Verbeelding in the form of a 40 days of blogging challenge. Now, I'm very much an obliger, so after I commited to blogging for 40 days on her blogpost, I now HAD to do it! So here I am! Talking to you every day and really enjoying it! Today's topic I want to touch is the topic of blogging itself. I started blogging on the third of July 2012. That's almost 5 years! How is that even possible! I remember starting my blog because I really loved making things, and I didn't felt like I had a lot of people to share my makes with. I just finished my masters in costume design, lived in Antwerp, would embark on my teaching degree and had 2 months of time before the new school year would start to make, make, make things. So I started out blogging in Dutch, turned out that most of the other people blogging in Dutch were mommy bloggers, and well, I was 22 and not really into babies at the time :-) So I dived into the world of sewing blogs and fell in love. (And started blogging in English, well, Flenglish) I loved writing about my makes for 5 years, loved sharing tutorials and love connecting with so many amazing people on the internet. Some of my best friends are people I've connected with online and I don't want to let go of them! The world becomes much smaller when you have wifi! Lately, I feel as if I need a shift in my blogging. I love blogging about sewing and makes, but I feel like there are more things I want to share here, so that's what I plan on doing. There will be more behind the scenes posts, but still a lot of sewing. I'm just thinking about how I can incorporate my business and my blog into one awesome place. That's something I'm craving and something I'm exploring at the moment. So stay tuned! And tell me: are you a blogger? Why do you blog?
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