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Writing Blog Hop

134H Bells Design dot comOkay, Let's do this! I got nominated for this blog hop by the awesome and lovely Stephanie who blogs over at Love Teach Sew. She's one of the nicest persons I've met through blogging and I loved reading her post! Now, let's get back on topic shall we! Why do I write? I started writing here 'cause I wanted to share things I've made. I have a lot of friends that sew, but for some strange reason, we didn't talked about our own makes that much . I also really enjoyed reading other peoples post about their makes and wanted to join the conversation. At first I was very shy about my blog (nobody I knew in real life knew I blogged) but now they do and they support me big time! What am I working on? I'm currently trying to finish the Malu Coat by Schnittchen. It should have been finished by now, but work opportunities got in the way. It's getting colder now, so I need my Malu soon! I'm a very chaotic person in my personal life, so I don't really work by a list. I'm constantly thinking about projects and I give myself huge congrats if they actually get finished within the year. I also sew for a living and have a lot of deadlines in my work, so I feel that deadlines are for paid gigs only! How does your blog differ from others in this genre? I don’t think it does... Well apart from my fluent Flenglish of course (Flemish English) I simply love the sewing blogging community and all the friends I've made. I feel like my blog is a place to talk sewing without people starting zone out or throw plates at my head. If that makes sense :-) How does my writing process work? I take notes while I'm making things (or at least I try to!) and afterwards I start typing here. I usually go on a big ramble about every little detail and within 10 minutes I get scared it's too boring and I start deleting half of it. I often use google translate to come up with an English-ish version of a word I would like to use. After I hit publish, I often need to come back about 15 times to correct stupid English mistakes. And probably you can still find more (feel free to tell me in the comments, but after all: it's Flenglish on this page :-)) I'd like to nominate Lieke and Eleonore. Lieke since she writes a lot and I want to know her secret and Eleonore cause she's adorable (go check out her blog and you'll see!)
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