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Twinsies winter Nettie Dress

This month's theme on Sew It Up is very fitting for the week after Christmas & New Year's eve. 'The Hangover'. Since I'm the one in charge of post-writing this month I had to make an outfit of my own. I didn't had to think twice about it... I regularly work at home and I love wearing comfortable outfits (that I can also wear when I want to get outside!) Those well known H&M t-shirtdresses do a great job, but their fit isn't great and they get flimsy after a lot of washes. This fabric was bought together when I went to the Stoffenspektakel (dutch fabric fair) and I met Stéphanie for the first time ever. We bought the same fabric. It was stil chilling on both our shelves (In the mean time Stéphanie got a beautiful baby girl, so it's been chilling out for far too long!) so we decided on twinsies dresses! My love of Nettie is well known and documented and I decided it was about time for a Nettie Dress Sweater Nettie twin dress 6Details
  • fabric: Stoffenspektakel
  • pattern: Closet Case Files - Nettie bodysuit&dress
  • Size: 12 (bust) 6 (waist) 14 (hips)
  • variation: scoop neck, medium back, 3/4 sleeve, dress
sweater nettie twin dress Sweater Nettie twin dress 7

Flat Pattern Adjustments

  • added 4 cm to the back neckline to make layering easier
  • added 2 cm to the scoop front for modesty reasons
Sweater Nettie twin dress 2 sweater nettie twin dress 3Sweater Nettie twin dress 5I think I did a pretty decent job at stripe matching. I also love the fact that it worked out whith the sleeves and the bodice. Yeay for stripe matching. Sweater Nettie twin dress 4 Here stops the picture overload. I go and chill in my dress.