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Twenties inspired Named Leini Dress

Named Leini Dress in Silk Charmeuse

Hell yeah! Sew It Up has started again and this week we are having a twenties inspired challenge.(You can vote now for the contestants, if you'd like too!) Since Caroline and I wanted to sew the challenges too, this one was a difficult one for starters. I'm so not a twenties fashion type! If you'd like to join the sewalong, you can read all about that here! Originally I planned on making a Laurel, but my muslin was such a mess I decided to hunt other patterns instead. I've been eyeing Named patterns for a while now and I decided on the Leini Dress.I feel like it has this relaxed, loose vibe typical for twenties fashion, but with some waist definition that I need! Named Leini Dress in Silk CharmeuseWell, hello blurry pictures. I really need to fix the settings on my camera, cause they go crazy in 'auto'. sigh. Named Leini Dress in Silk Charmeuse

Leini is described as an easy summer dress, but I thought that it would work for winter too (as long as it's not freezing, that is.) This dress really is an easy make. The instructions are quite clear, unless the part that explains how to sew the casing for the elastic. That part was quite interesting, but I managed to get a casing so it's all good. Instead of turning up the hem I did a rolled hem. I came to like this way of finishing slippery, thin fabrics.Dancing in my Named Leini Dress in Silk CharmeuseSo here I'm showing of my dancing moves. I've got none, but I like my face in this picture. Next is a detail of the pleat on the front bodice. It gets lost in the pictures with this fabric, but it's rather pretty in real life!

Pleat detail on the Named Leini Dress in Silk Charmeuse

Details Pattern: Named Leini Dress Size: 40 Fabric: silk charmeuse, coupon from Au Bonheur des Dams in Paris Alterations now: Shortened the skirt by 10 cm. Alterations next time: Lengthen the bodice with 2.5cm (1") I feel like it sits a bit too high.

Named Leini Dress in Silk Charmeuse Badass in my Named Leini Dress in Silk CharmeuseThis last picture shows my best badass face. Do you like sewing for a particular theme? I'm usually very bad at sewalongs, but now I had too and I'm quite happy with the result! Happy sewing!