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A striped rub-off dress

siu monthly pattern matched 4 Do you know this feeling? Spring is near, but Winter is still pretending to stay FOREVER? (And i'm not even living in Canada, go figure) Well, this feeling always makes me want to sew new Winter/Early Spring clothes. So that's what I did. This striped dress is another version of my favorite rub-off dress. You can see the previous two versions here and here. Since I've made it before, I don't have a ton of things to say about it... So let's move onto pictures and fabric details! siu monthly pattern matched 6 siu monthly pattern matched 1
  • fabric: Striped Ponte Knit, Pauwels Stoffen
  • pattern: rub-off from a beloved dress
Construction & Process
This dress was sewn on my serger. The neckline is finished with a band, also attached with the serger. I finished the hems on the sleeves and the dress with my coverlock. I used the 'wrong side' of the stitches to add a bit more interest to the hem. I lowered the neckline with 3 centimeters, since I like my necklines a bit lower these days. I also added a bit of extra width to the hip area, since I'm carrying my stress weight right at my hips. siu monthly pattern matched 5 siu monthly pattern matched 3 This dress is perfect for teaching and working and it feels super comfortable. I also like them with this pair of red tights! I have a feeling this dress will go into heavy rotation soon! For me, that's what sewing my own clothes is all about: filling my wardrobe with items that I love and that make me happy. Starting my day goes so much easier and is much more enjoyable when the pieces in my closet make me smile! Do you have a pattern you keep coming back to or a particular garment that makes you super happy? I plan on hosting a 5 day challenge to discover your own happy wardrobe soon, so let me know already: what is your favorite garment and why! I'm curious to find out!