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Stock treasures: Men's dress suit

men's coat collar details This week stock's treasure is a dress suit from the late fifties, according to the previous owner. I have also a cute detail for you: in Flemish, a dress suit is called a 'pitteleir' . That's actually a dialect word but no-one in my close circle could come up with a proper Dutch word. Dutch speaking people: enlighten me! I love this dress suit coat because off all the clear tailoring details. Look at the quilted armpit padding, the collar and the crisp seams. I love these details that present the skills of the maker of the garment. That's all I'm going to say about this piece, since the pictures explain everything above. men's coat back seams details dress coat collar and pocket detail men's dress coat under collar and back stand detail men's dress coat lining view men's dress coat slit detail men's dress coat lining details men's dress coat lining  quilted details and label This label shows that the coat was sold from a shop in my hometown of Leuven (Louvain in French) The fact that the label is in French shows that it's fairly old. Leuven is a Flemish town but before the seventies it was considered fancier to talk French. This resulted in huge social issues (google May '68 if you are interested in history) that resulted in a language pact in Belgium. men's dress coat front view men's dress coat back view men's coat slit details back view men's dress coat button details So, what do you think about this dress suit? Are you as much in love with the tailoring as I am? I really hope to advance to this level of sewing! I'm currently following a couple classes and reading books to up my knowledge, but implementing them is important too. I really love learning new sewing skills and well crafted pieces like these inspire me every time! Therefore I also started a pinterest board on tailoring, to group all of my inspiration. Happy sewing!